About VCR - Key Personnel

Graeme Young MPhil PhD FCOptom DCLP FAAO FBCLA, Managing Director

Graeme Young, Managing Director

Graeme Young has over 25 years experience of managing clinical trials. Prior to forming Visioncare Research, he was UK Director of R&D for Allergan Inc. He has authored over eighty publications in the scientific literature including four textbook chapters. He has given numerous scientific and didactic presentations to scientific meetings around the world. He is an ex-president of the British Contact Lens Association and fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. He holds a masters degree from The City University, London and PhD from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.


Ruth Craven PhD, Clinical Research Manager - External Studies

Ruth Craven is responsible for the planning, execution and management of sponsored external clinical trial programmes. Ruth works with sponsors and the Visioncare team to ensure that all external trials achieve study objectives to generate credible data within agreed timelines. In a career spanning over 13 years, Ruth has worked for international clinical research and pharmaceutical companies. She has a PhD from the University of Central Lancashire and Calgary University, Canada in the field of Neuroimmune Physiology, studying the integrative roles of the immune and nervous systems in the regulation of tear secretion.


Chris Hunt MSc, Biostatistician

Chris Hunt, Biostatistician

Chris Hunt is responsible for all aspects of data management and analysis, from protocol development through to publication. He has a track record of assuring that all data analyses are accurate, thorough, and completed within the agreed deadlines. Since joining Visioncare Research in 1997, he has co-authored a wide range of scientific papers and posters. He has an MSc in Medical Statistics from Southampton University.


James Wolffsohn PhD MCOptom FAAO FBCLA, Research Director

After graduating with a first-class degree in Optometry from UMIST, Manchester, UK, James completed his pre-registration year at Moorfield’s Eye Hospital, London and a PhD at Cardiff University. Following a Clinical Research position at the University of Melbourne, Australia in 1997-2000, he was appointed by Aston University, where he was Head of Optometry from 2004-2009 and was awarded a personal Chair in 2007. He is now Deputy Executive Dean for the School of Life & Health Sciences. James has published over 110 peer-reviewed academic papers, has given numerous presentations at international meetings and is a past President of the British Contact Lens Association.



Visioncare Research has a range of expertise which, coupled with a robust quality system, helps to ensure that projects receive the necessary attention to detail.